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PARAMHANS Pandit Shri Ganesh Narayanji Baba

1. Date of birth: Vikram samvat 1903 pausha Krishna pratipada. Day: Thursday
2. Father's name: Pandit Shri Ghanshyamdasji belonging to Ruthala khandelwals, a Brahmin family of Bhugala. A small village near Nawalgarh, in Jhunjhunu district of rajasthan, India.
3. Education: He used to walk to Nawalgarh every day, which is about 14 kms from Bhugala. He gained his education under the able guidance of his Guru Pandit Rudendra Shastriji. He was well-versed in Hindi and Sanskrit. He was also a gifted astrologer.
4. Likes: Writing Poetry.
5. Marriage: Ganeshji got married at the age of 14, to Devi Sheonandi, in Vikram Samvat 1917, Jyestha Badi Navmi.
Family: Ganeshji was blessed with two daughters named Kunani and Bhani. Ganeshji was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga, and he spent a large amount of time in worshipping them.